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S1E4 | Dean on Mixed Orientation Marriage

Today, I am talking with Dean Samuels about his experience as a queer man married to a straight woman. In recent years, heterosexual marriages which involve one or more persons with non-straight sexual orientations have come to be referred to as “mixed-o…

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S1E2 | Melinda on Intentional Community

Today, we are talking with Melinda Melone about the intentional community she is a part of in San Francisco, CA. Melinda’s community is an absolute challenge for our western understanding of community. Community is about more than simply worshiping and o…

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S1E1 | Meg on Communal Living

For the pilot episode of Life on Side B, we are talking with Meg Baatz about her experience in communal living, which is the idea of many different Christians both single and married coming together to live under one house and share life together. Meg ha…

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