S1E1 | Meg on Communal Living

The Life on Side B Podcast
S1E1 | Meg on Communal Living

For the pilot episode of Life on Side B, we are talking with Meg Baatz about her experience in communal living, which is the idea of many different Christians both single and married coming together to live under one house and share life together. Meg has great stuff to share and most of all wants to show that God never meant the Christian life to be lived alone. No matter if you are straight and cisgender or LGBT+, this message is one everyone needs to hear!Meg is the Director of Communication and Creative Design at Lead Them Home, a ministry equipping the Church to enhance care for LGBT+ people. She lives in Denver, CO, with her spiritual family and co-leads a small group through her local church.
The book Meg mentioned is called “All but Invisible” by Nate Collins.
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