S1E13 | Laurence on Self-Sacrificial Living in Community

The Life on Side B Podcast
S1E13 | Laurence on Self-Sacrificial Living in Community

I have been excited to get Laurence on the podcast because he brings an amazing perspective on a wide range of topics from community to identity. More than anything our conversation impacted me with what he shared on the importance to look for how we can serve those we are in community with rather than how they can serve us. So often we go into community looking for how others can help us but Jesus calls us to another way of living.
You can contact Laurence at laurencekoo@gmail.com

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Laurence studied dentistry at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. After his graduation he worked part time on staff with a college ministry and part time as a dentist. After 6 years he left dentistry to focus on helping students and young professionals grow in their faith and become disciples of Jesus.
Laurence has served in different leadership position in collegiate ministry in the Netherlands for 14 years. After that he moved to Colorado Spring in the US to work for the same mission organization. He is responsible for the training and development for next generation US missionaries before and on the field. He is also an international speaker and consultant on the topics of sexuality and LGBTQ.

1. Theme Song – Driven to Success by Scott Holmes
2. 18:21 – Stomps and Claps by Scott Holmes
3. 43:15 – Teamwork by Scott Holmes