S1E15 | Matt on Celibate Partnerships

The Life on Side B Podcast
S1E15 | Matt on Celibate Partnerships

This week, I am talking with Matt about celibate partnerships and what that looks like in the lives of LGBT+ Christians. A celibate partnership is a committed relationship between two queer people committed to pursuing celibacy together, normally because of a share conviction of the traditional Christian sexual ethic. Matt shares about his own partnership, what he has learned through his partnership, and the blessings and difficulties he and his partner have faced along the way. Celibate partnerships have been one of the most criticized issues within the Side B movement and not even all Side B Christians themselves agree on the topic, yet regardless, it is a major way many Side B Christians have found a source of community. So it is important that we listen to the voices of those who are in partnerships and how those partnerships have supported their faith. 


Theme Song – Driven to Success by Scott Holmes