S1E8 | Pieter on Communal Celibacy

The Life on Side B Podcast
S1E8 | Pieter on Communal Celibacy

Today, I am talking with Pieter Valk about the monastic community he is creating in Nashville called the Nashville Family of Brothers, which aims to offer family to celibate men. We talk about celibacy, its place in the church, and the importance of community as a celibate individual.
Pieter is the Director of EQUIP, a Nashville-based team of missionary consultants who help churches become places where LGBT+ people can belong and thrive according to a traditional sexual ethic. He is also a clinical mental health counselor that serves LGBT+ students at a local Christian university. Pieter is motivated by the pain and beauty of his story and the stories of fellow gay Christians submitting their sexualities to the Lordship of Christ. Learn more about his story at equipyourcommunity.org.
The interim music comes from the song “Wonderous Love” by Murphy, D.X. Listen to them on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you listen to your music. And as always, the theme song is by Scott Holmes.