S2E14 | Henry and Art on Race, Culture, and the Church

S2E14 | Henry and Art on Race, Culture, and the Church
Season 2

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The podcast is back early with new episodes. Over the past few months we have witnessed the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd and the events that followed. These events have elevated a much needed conversation about race and justice in the United States. It is important that we enter this conversation and the issue of intersectionality as LGBT+ Christians in the church. We are going to spend the next three episodes discussing race, church, culture and especially the experience of Side B LGBT, same sex attracted Christians within this reality. These episodes are not about discussing whether racism is real. They are about the experience of our brothers and sisters of color within that reality and the part each of us play in it whether willingly or unwillingly. Today, Henry is beginning these conversations with a discussion with Art Pereira. These conversations will be raw and honest but they are necessary.