S2E17 | LIVE Panel on Race and Queerness, Part 2

The Life on Side B Podcast
S2E17 | LIVE Panel on Race and Queerness, Part 2

On August 6th, we held the first LIVE episode of the podcast over zoom with some old friends and new ones. We were joined by Meredith and Bridget as well as Darren Calhoun and Sarah Abbey, who are on the podcast for their first time. They came on to answer questions from a live audience and it was a very rich discussion. It was so good that we had to separate the conversation into two episodes. 

A Note From Bridget: “In talking about colorism, I was trying to communicate the ways in which race gets erased from the conversation in many Latin American countries and how colorism plays into that equation, favoring lighter skin tones to darker. My wording wasn’t the best, however, and runs the risk of communicating that Black and Indigenous people don’t exist in Latin America. To clarify, Black and Indigenous people exist up and down Latin America! Their existence and experiences often get erased, however, and colorism often plays into that reality.”

Here is the link to the twitter thread mentioned by Sarah: https://twitter.com/thearmchaircom/status/1048060815780323330?s=12