S2E18 | Pieter on Side B Theology

The Life on Side B Podcast
S2E18 | Pieter on Side B Theology

Today, Grant and Josh are talking with Pieter Valk from EQUIP about is talk at Revoice20 this year on theology during the Pastors and Leaders Seminar of the conference. We talk about different feedback he has gotten from his talk and how we can approach theology on sexuality that helps LGBT+ Christians to thrive in our churches. If you haven’t listened to Pieter’s talk at Revoice and you are listening on the day this publishes, go to revoice.us and sign up to listen today because starting September 1st it will no longer be available. 

If you would like to communicate with Pieter, you can do so by emailing him at pieter@equipyourcommunity.org.

To register for the B Chats event on November 14th, go to www.lifeonsideb.com and follow the popup that appears on your screen.