S2E20 | Kat on Abiding in Christ

The Life on Side B Podcast
S2E20 | Kat on Abiding in Christ

It has been a bit since we released an episode and that is because Josh has been on a road trip and behind on the podcast. We are back today with a new episode though! Mary and Josh are talking with Kat LaPrairie about abiding in Christ and what that looks like for us as LGBT+ Christians. 

At the end of the episode, Mary mentions an episode of Theology in the Raw which Kat did with Preston Sprinkle. You can hear that episode at https://www.prestonsprinkle.com/theology-in-the-raw/2019/9/9/756-a-transgender-christians-journey-with-jesus-kat-laprairie

Also, Josh mentioned a podcast episode that impacted him on “slowdown spirituality.” It is “Unhurry and Culture with John Mark Comer” on the Food Trucks in Bablyon podcast. You can listen to it at https://podcast.westernseminary.edu/episodes/unhurry-and-culture