Series: Season 1

In Season 1, we are exploring what community looks like for LGBT+ Christians who hold to the traditional Christian sexual ethic. What does family look like for us? Who will be there for us when we are 80? We are going to talk with people in intentional communities, mixed orientation marriages, committed friendships, church communities, adoption, celibate partnerships, and more.

S1E8 | Pieter on Communal Celibacy

Today, I am talking with Pieter Valk about the monastic community he is creating in Nashville called the Nashville Family of Brothers, which aims to offer family to celibate men. We talk about celibacy, its place in the church, and the importance of comm…

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S1E6 | Lesli on Being Genderqueer

Today, I am joined by Seth Touchton as my cohost and we are talking with Lesli Hudson-Reynolds about their experience as a genderqueer person. We are discussing trans issues and what it looks like in Lesli’s life to be Side B. Many people are nervous to …

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S1E1 | Meg on Communal Living

For the pilot episode of Life on Side B, we are talking with Meg Baatz about her experience in communal living, which is the idea of many different Christians both single and married coming together to live under one house and share life together. Meg ha…

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