Series: Season 2

Many people assume being an LGBT+ Christian and living according to the traditional Christian sexual ethic must be a depressing life and sometimes it can feel that way. In Season 2, we are going to discuss what it looks like to thrive rather than simply survive as a Side B LGBT+ Christian. This season I am joined by five fabulous cohosts: Ashley, Mary, Bekah, Henry, and Grant, and we will be talking with new guests about topics like mental health, forgiveness, sex, loneliness, shame, prayer, and much more.

S2E22 | Anthony and Greg on Prayer

Today we are talking with Anthony Esser and Greg Coles about prayer. Where does prayer fit into thriving?  Donate to Henry’s medical bills here. Sites Mentioned: Pre-order Greg Cole’s upcoming book, No Longer Strangers, at  Theme Song: Driven to Success by Scott Holmes

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S2E20 | Kat on Abiding in Christ

It has been a bit since we released an episode and that is because Josh has been on a road trip and behind on the podcast. We are back today with a new episode though! Mary and Josh are talking with Kat LaPrairie about abiding in Christ and what that looks like for us as […]

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S2E19 | Laurie on Dealing with Doubt

This is an exciting one for me (Josh) because we are having a fellow Side B podcaster here on with us today…Laurie Krieg. Grant and I are talking with Laurie about doubt and how to deal with it. Is there anything good God can do through our doubt? We also talk to Laurie about her […]

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S2E18 | Pieter on Side B Theology

Today, Grant and Josh are talking with Pieter Valk from EQUIP about is talk at Revoice20 this year on theology during the Pastors and Leaders Seminar of the conference. We talk about different feedback he has gotten from his talk and how we can approach theology on sexuality that helps LGBT+ Christians to thrive in […]

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S2E16 | LIVE Panel on Race and Queerness, Part 1

On August 6th, we held the first LIVE episode of the podcast over zoom with some old friends and new ones. We were joined by Meredith and Bridget as well as Darren Calhoun and Sarah Abbey, who are on the podcast for their first time. They came on to answer questions from a live audience […]

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S2E14 | Henry and Art on Race, Culture, and the Church

The podcast is back early with new episodes. Over the past few months we have witnessed the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd and the events that followed. These events have elevated a much needed conversation about race and justice in the United States. It is important that we enter this conversation and the […]

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