Series: Season 2

Many people assume being an LGBT+ Christian and living according to the traditional Christian sexual ethic must be a depressing life and sometimes it can feel that way. In Season 2, we are going to discuss what it looks like to thrive rather than simply survive as a Side B LGBT+ Christian. This season I am joined by five fabulous cohosts: Ashley, Mary, Bekah, Henry, and Grant, and we will be talking with new guests about topics like mental health, forgiveness, sex, loneliness, shame, prayer, and much more.

S2E13 | Art on Mentorship

This is the last episode before our summer break. Ashley is talking with Art Pereira on mentorship. Art is a youth pastor at a church in the northeast of the US and has an amazing story of how mentorship has impacted his life. In this episode, Ashley and Art explore the importance of mentorship in […]

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S2E12 | Joel on Sex and Porn (w/ Bekah)

Many of you have asked us to talk about it…and we have listened. Bekah is going to be talking with Joel Jones about sex and pornography. Joel is a same sex attracted man in a mixed orientation marriage and him and Bekah will be discussing dealing with sex drive issues as man and women, married […]

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S2E9 | Ashley, Grant, and Josh on Shame

This week, Ashley, Grant, and Josh are talking about shame about being LGBT+ and sexual history. Shame is something we all deal with as humans going all the way back to the garden. So how do we confront it and deal with it? This is a very vulnerable episode for all of us and we […]

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S2E7 | Side B on Life During Corona

In the last month, a lot has changed in our world. We are not facing a global pandemic and an economy falling into recession. We debated whether it would be something to discuss here on Life on Side B but it seems we have arrived to the point where no one can ignore COVID-19 and […]

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S2E6 | Ray on Forgiveness (w/ Henry)

This week, Henry is interviewing Ray Low on forgiveness. What is biblical forgiveness? What does it look like to forgive others, institutions and even ourselves? Ray and Henry have a great conversation about forgiveness, its importance and difficulty. At the end, they also answer questions that were sent in through Instagram and Twitter. So if […]

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S2E5 | Bridget on Victimization and Criticism (w/ Grant)

On today’s episode, Grant is talking with Bridget Eileen about LGBT+ victimization in the church and the criticism we as Side B Christians face from both the conservative church and other LGBT+ individuals. She discusses the book she is writing on this topic along with the importance of keeping our focus on the Gospel that […]

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