Series: Season 2

Many people assume being an LGBT+ Christian and living according to the traditional Christian sexual ethic must be a depressing life and sometimes it can feel that way. In Season 2, we are going to discuss what it looks like to thrive rather than simply survive as a Side B LGBT+ Christian. This season I am joined by five fabulous cohosts: Ashley, Mary, Bekah, Henry, and Grant, and we will be talking with new guests about topics like mental health, forgiveness, sex, loneliness, shame, prayer, and much more.

S2E3 | Ashley on Coming Out (w/ Grant)

In today’s episode, Grant is interviewing Ashley about how she has come out. They talk about what it means to “come out,” the complexities of coming out depending on a person’s situation, and the reality of second adolescence. Ashley also shares about the uniqueness of coming out as bisexual. You won’t want to miss a […]

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S2E2 | QCF Live: Ed and Melinda on Thriving

Earlier in January, Life on Side B was invited to the podcast stage at the Q Christian Fellowship Conference. I was joined by Melinda, who you all heard in Season 1, and my brother, Ed, to continue this conversation on thriving. What does it look like for LGBT+ Christians? And especially for Side B Christians?

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S2E1 | The Cohost Team on Thriving

It is finally here! Season 2! Today we are starting the year off with a chance for you to meet the new cohost team as we discuss the season theme of thriving. What does it mean to thrive? What are the topics we will be discussing this season related to thriving? Also learn some new […]

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Season 2 Promo

Here is an early Christmas present from your Life on Side B family. Season 2 starts January 6, 2020. Get early access to episode 1 by becoming a patron at

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