Series: Season 3

In this season, we will discuss identity and inclusion. This includes language, how it describes us, how it connects us to others and helps us find our place in society and specifically church as well as identity and inclusion connect to belonging.

S3E8 | Side B on Faith Tradition Diversity

This week, Josh is talking with three guests: Branden Polk, Johanna Goth Finegan, and Gregg Webb, all who come from different traditions in Christianity. The group talks about how Side B Christians can support each other in an ecumenical way as well as how we live out Side B within our own faith traditions. Register […]

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S3E7 | One Year After Side B on Life During Corona

It is on year since we released our episode S2E7 | Side B on Life During Corona. You can listen to that previous episode at For today’s episode, Josh, Ashley, and Bekah are joined again by Melinda Melone and David Gill who were in that episode last season. We are looking back over the […]

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S3E5 | Matthew on Queerness and Identity

Sarah and Grant are sitting down with Matthew Ventura, author of the Singled Out blog, to discuss an article on his blog on LGBT+ labels and terminology. The article gives such a great perspective that the team felt it needed to be discussed. Here is a link to the article:

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S3E4 | Bill on Missiology

In this episode, Bekah and Josh are talking with Bill Henson, founder and creator of Posture Shift and author of Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones. Along the lines of this season’s theme, the three of them talk about the importance of having a missiological perspective in ministry and how this affects the way we […]

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S3E1 | The Cohosts on Identity and Inclusion

We’re back for Season 3! Bekah, Grant, Henry, Josh, and Sarah introduce the season theme of Identity & Inclusion, sharing what these two terms mean to them, why they are important topics to discuss, and what episodes each is looking forward to record. The cohosts also spend some time at the beginning of the episode sharing […]

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