Series: Season 3

In this season, we will discuss identity and inclusion. This includes language, how it describes us, how it connects us to others and helps us find our place in society and specifically church as well as identity and inclusion connect to belonging.

S3E21 | Lo and Lesli on Trans Inclusion

Lesli Hudson-Reynolds is back as a guest cohost and talking with Lo about trans* inclusion. For this episode, we wanted to have a discussion with only trans voices and without the necessity to “cis-splain”. This means we gave Lesli and Lo the freedom to talk about whatever they would like to discuss without needing to […]

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S3E19 | Greg on No Longer Strangers (w/ Henry, Grant, and Josh)

Greg Coles is back on the podcast and he is talking with Henry, Grant, and Josh about his new book – No Longer Strangers. This episode was delightful! Order your copy of No Longer Strangers here: Amazon – Barnes and Noble – IVP Press – Hear more about what Greg is up […]

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