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S3E12 | The Cohosts on the Sides Terminology

This week we are sharing the recording from our live episode event that we did on May 20th. Bekah, Grant, Josh, and Ashley (plus an unexpected appearance from Henry) all came together to talk about the question – Is the Sides terminology (Side A/Side B) the best way to frame this conversation? If not, then […]

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S3E11 | Christian on Sexual Abuse in Side B

In this week’s episode, we are covering a topic chosen by our Brilliant Bee Patrons: sexual abuse and harassment. Bekah and Josh are joined by Christian Johnston, who is sharing his own experience of sexual abuse, as well as Branden Polk once again. Josh also shares his experience of sexual abuse. The four of them […]

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S3E4 | Bill on Missiology

In this episode, Bekah and Josh are talking with Bill Henson, founder and creator of Posture Shift and author of Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones. Along the lines of this season’s theme, the three of them talk about the importance of having a missiological perspective in ministry and how this affects the way we […]

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